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My cookbook: Products


This BILINGUAL English & Spanish book encloses  over 200 pages of information about pastry techniques. All the recipes are written in three versions, Traditional, gluten free and vegan. Follow by easy & visual step-by-step  methods. 

Suitable for both amateur home bakers and professionals. 

It's very important to me that people can understand good quality pastry and desserts, no matter what their dietary requirement or preferences are. 

This book talks about the love I have for my profession and the importance of consuming good quality products and desserts. 
It takes the readers through every ingredient, its origins, how to use it and its function within a recipe. 

It also discuss all the Chemicals and texturizers we use in professional pastry making and how to use them, depending on the recipes. 

I carefully explain ingredients and how you can substitute animal products with Plant-based alternatives. 

A great tool for your every day baking and to expand your knowledge for a more sustainable way of consuming. 

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